Ballet Espressivo presents two new works by choreographer/ artistic director Donna Greenberg.

First, Ravished Soul: A young man seeks flight and release. Dancer: Eugene Dokoukine. Music: Nigel Simmons. This work will be performed at Youth American Grand Prix International Ballet Competition in February.

Second: The Wanderer: Excerpts. This tragic tale of love was inspired by Keats: La Belle Dame Sans Merci and the Romantic tradition of the Wanderer theme in art and music.

A young man falls in love with a Fairy Maiden. They are blissfully in love until the Fates/Witches intervene and separate them forever. He is doomed never to see her again, although she, being enchanted, can see him but can never have him in the flesh again. The woeful man was accursed to wander evermore through a frozen world of besetting Icemaidens, fair in form but foul in heart.

Dancers : Wanderer: Anton Pasquarella,

Fairy Maiden: Järvi Raudsepp, Earth Sprite: Lindsay Sutton. The Wanderer film excerpt is performed by Icemaidens: Jessica Campbell, Gina Velasco Carballido, Lindsay Sutton, Wanderer: Anton Pasquarella. Cinematographer: Hal Swann. Director:

Donna Greenberg. Music: Schubert and Schumann.

The Wanderer film will be completed and released mid:2009. Our three latest films can be viewed in the lobby.

DanceOntario Dance Weekend

Fleck Dance Theatre (Harbourfront Centre)

Jan 23 – 25, 2009

*Ballet Espressivo performs on

Sunday, Jan 25 at 5:10pm