This summer Ballet Espressivo has been featured in the “Studio Now” section of the July/August 2014 edition of the dance current, in a wonderful article by Brittany Duggan.

She writes: “…ballet is not easy to pick up as an adult. Coordination does not necessarily come with the shoes – it takes a lot of hard work to feel even somewhat graceful and accomplished. But for many, the dream of becoming a ballerina, or at least moving like one, lives on. Beyond childhood fantasies, adults seek ballet for exercise, posture improvement, confidence and as an artistic conduit.”

Donna Greenberg, founder of Ballet Espressivo in Toronto, comments: “Professionals beginning ballet want a non-intimidating environment and a class that is achievable for their level.”

“The studio [Ballet Espressivo] is home to a range of professionals including doctors, lawyers, and teachers as well as university students, ranging in age between eighteen and over sixty years old. ‘I modify the class depending on who’s in the room,’ says Greenberg. ‘Lots of adults sit at desks all day so we work on posture and healthy ways of moving…’ She also notes that it’s inspiring for younger students to be in class with more senior individuals who are just beginning dance.”

Brittany, an experienced dancer, was invited to take a floor barre class with Donna. In the article she notes, ‘Greenberg’s ability to thoroughly monitor each body throughout the exercises. She has a keen eye for corrections, directing them in rapid succession at each of us throughout the hour, while she explained what we were doing and why as the class progressed…This one-on-one attention is what attracts beginners to Ballet Espressivo – an individualized focus you might not find at a larger studio…”

Also featured in this issue of the dance current in the “What’s in Your Dancebag?” section is Duygu Basmaci, one of Ballet Espressivo’s more advanced students, dancer and choreographer as well as Ballet Espressivo’s website designer.

We urge you to read both articles (see below) to find more about all the exciting things what we offer students at Ballet Espressivo.