How does a dancer perform more “artistically”? One must consider a number of essentials, such as the following.

MUSIC: Dance is in every sense “moving to music”. Knowing the tempo, the number of beats per bar, the rhythm, the length of the musical phrase, and the rises and falls in the melody — all this helps the dancer “feel” the music more, to the end of making the choreography and the music one.

SPACE: Dance is a spectator art; i.e., it is to be seen. Knowledge of the visual arts, esp. painting and sculpture, helps the dancer become aware of focus, line, interaction with the viewer, size of steps and articulation of step-work.

TECHNIQUE: A dancer needs to be able to perform all the movements with ease and control. Regularly attending technique classes is essential to keep the body tuned as a dance-instrument.

All this will support the passion and drive to dance “artistically”.