No previous dance experience is needed! An eclectic approach to contemporary dance.

Our approach to Contemporary Dance is to instruct the student in a freer and less structured type of dance that focuses on movement from the torso, an expanded movement vocabulary, and individual expression. All classes include barre work, centre work, and the learning of short choreographic pieces designed to get the student moving fluidly, confidently, and musically, as well as a short section of dance improvisation to allow students to explore, experiment, and create movements based on what they have learned during the lesson. This is a fun way for the students to liberate themselves as dancers and develop personal expression with a strong emphasis on musicality.

Contemporary Dance & Improvisation is now a mixed level class open to both absolute beginners through to more advanced students. Technical levels will be adjusted to suit the level of the individual student. This is a great opportunity for students to learn from each other.

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