Payment Policy:

Please confirm by email how you wish to make payment Payment must be made in full upon registration by either using Paypal, online banking’s email interac transfer, or in cash or by cheque or money order.If paying by Paypal, please click onto the registration form and follow the steps (this includes students who have previously filled out a registration form). If using email interac transfer, payment must be made payable to Donna Greenberg and sent to the email address donnagreenberg[at]balletespressivo[dot]com. Be certain to email us the answer to your security question regarding the transaction. Cash payments can be transacted at the dance studio. If paying by cheque or money order, payment should be payable to Donna Greenberg and sent directly to our home office (not the dance studio):

Donna Greenberg

111 Quebec Ave. #3

Toronto M6P 2T3, ON.

Upon receipt of cheque or money order, the student will be notified. Students must confirm by email that they will be sending their cheque and when it will arrive.

Please note: Students have one week to send in their registration fee or their registration will be considered null and void.

All students must also complete the registration form.