Online Private Ballet Classes/Coaching (Via Skype & Zoom)

Due to the serious nature of the Covid-19 virus, Ballet Espressivo has suspended all studio classes until such time as it is safe to re-open.

Online classes are fun and effective – a great way to keep in shape and they don’t demand much space. For those of you with small apartments, it’s not a problem: I have taught many classes with students who have just enough space to stretch their legs in all directions and nothing more.


All students must register for a session of 8 one-hour classes of online instruction. For prices email Donna at or call 647.294.0784.

How Online Lessons Work

Book, schedule, and pay for lessons by emailing Donna at

Students must pay by email Interac transfer, payable to Donna Greenberg and sent to the following email address

Student Set-up for Online Classes

  • computer or phone with a camera
  • a Skype account (it’s free!) — send your Skype identity and phone number to Donna by email
  • enough space to move your leg in front, to the side, and behind
  • a sturdy chair or counter to use as a barre
  • lots of light
  • hair pulled back and secured in place (for those with long hair)
  • a support for your computer or phone, perhaps a wall or a tripod or music stand
  • light tight clothing with ballet slippers and/or socks.

Have everything set-up before we start!

***Please note: There is a strict 24-hour cancellation policy whereby failure to notify the instructor of a cancellation at least 24 hours before the scheduled class will result in forfeiture of the fee.

Benefits of Online Lessons:

  • maintenance of technique
  • convenience (no travel time)
  • constructive and immediate feedback
  • customization of instruction to meet individual needs
  • privacy.

Who will benefit from private online training/coaching?

  • beginner adult students who wish to enhance their understanding of dance fundamentals and to avoid possible injury
  • students or dancers who require help with technical, musical, and choreographic problems
  • actors, athletes, or active adults who wish to improve their balance, co-ordination, posture, and stretching techniques
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