Erin Hines (From Google)

“With 10+ years of formal training I recently returned to dance after an extensive hiatus. I am so glad I did, because it has brought me immense joy. This, of course, has everything to do with Donna Greenberg. Her phenomenal teaching skills, passion for ballet, and personality always bring a smile to my face. Every lesson is a journey packed with nuggets of wisdom that have helped me both in dance and in life. Donna is also incredibly thoughtful and flexible when it comes to accommodating shifting schedules and requests for make-up classes. She’s committed to ensuring her students get the most out of her classes, regardless of level. I will be a student of ballet as long as she is a teacher. I am so happy to have found Ballet Espressivo and Donna. Highly recommended.”

Alicia B (From Google)

“I am very glad I found this studio. Donna is such a great teacher. Her classes are very informative and high quality. I have been coming here for a year now and I leave every class learning valuable things about ballet and my body. My posture has improve tremendously. This is not a fitness class although you will be training, it is learning the art of ballet that will strength your body and brain.”

Sahar Aman (From Google)

“I love dancing with Donna, she cultivates an amazing and nurturing environment in which one can learn ballet and pushes us to do our best while exploring this beautiful art. She is a wonderful teacher and her studio is a real gem!”

Marie Labitté (From Google)

“Donna is an amazing teacher! I’ve tried several studios in Toronto and other places in Canada, she is by far the best teacher and I had the pleasure to learn from for 3 years. I truly recommend to start ballet with her, or to go to her studio and improve what you’ve learned. You will build a solid foundation, something I’ve noticed is missing for a lot of students I’ve danced with in other studios. She pays attention to every student (and knows your strengths and weaknesses), corrects you (you really need that to improve) and pushes you to your best!”

Basma Amine (From Google)

“I signed up for ballet-barre class because I wanted to work on my core and do something different…. this class has been challenging but incredibly effective! I’m seeing results! And it is all because of Donna! Donna is a teacher that truly cares about the progress of her students, … her corrections, adjustments and consistent attention is a demonstration of her commitment! It was wonderful to learn from her over the winter and I look forward to our spring classes.”

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