Ballet’s Brainpower Benefits

When people think of the benefits of studying ballet, they commonly think exclusively about the physical benefits, but that is only part of the picture. Dancing does provide various physical benefits, but current research increasingly suggests that it can also benefit the mind, that dancing is good for mental health. Accordingly, ballet is said toContinue reading “Ballet’s Brainpower Benefits”

From Class to Performance: How to Enhance Your Appreciation of Ballet

A ballet student writes :Last month, I was lucky enough to see Mayerling performed by The Royal Ballet in London. It was stunning: the dancing was so crisp, so clean, so clear. I don’t think my appreciation for these performances would have been quite so nuanced had I not had the opportunity to study ballet.

Dancers at rehearsal

We the dancers codify and select and develop our movements to speak from these depths and to find the appropriate gestures and movements to express our deepest and most authentic response to an idea, a piece of music, a story or…

Discovering “the artistic” in dance

Riveting attention, heightened imaginations, deep concentration, and questions only bodies reveal in responding to choreography. Deep in the mind, images speak a new and yet an ancient language, new for the individual, yet one of the most ancient of all tongues: movement, dance, the non-verbal. Before we learn to speak, we speak with our bodies.Continue reading “Discovering “the artistic” in dance”